Editorial Team


Olesya Sergeevna Yakushenkova, PhD, Associate Professor at the Department of Cultural Studies, Astrakhan State University, Russia

Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Rastyam Tuktarovich Aliev, PhD, Associate Professor at the Department of Cultural Studies, Astrakhan State University, Russia

Science editor:

Serguey Nikolaevich Yakushenkov, Dr. Habilitatus in History, Professor of the Department of Foreign History and Regional Studies, Astrakhan State University, Russia

International Editorial Board:

Alexander N. Meshcheryakov, Dr. Habilitatus in History, Professor at the Institute of Classical East and Antiquity of the National Research University Higher School of Economics, Russia

Sergei V. Sokolovskiy, Dr. Habilitatus in History,  Chief Researcher, Center of Anthropoecology, Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, Russian Academy of Sciences

Oksana V. Timofeeva, Dr. Habilitatus in Philosophy, Professor, Department of Sociology and Philosophy, European University at Saint Petersburg, Russia

Natalia A. Artemenko, PhD in Philosophy, Assistant Professor,  Department of Cultural Studies, St. Petersburg State University, Russia

Elena Y. Zavyalova, Dr. Habilitatus in Philology,  Chair of Literature Department,  Astrakhan State University, Russia

Svetlana Nikonova, Dr. Habilitatus in Philosophy, Saint-Petersburg University of Humanities and Social Sciences, Russia

Sergey Troitskiy, PhD in Philosophy, Senior Researcher (Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia), Senior Lecturer (St. Petersburg State University), Director (Center for Cultural Exclusion and Frontier Zones, Sociological Institute - Branch of Federal Sociological Center of RAS), Russia

Elina A. Sarakaeva, PhD, Hainan Professional College of Economics and Business in Haikou, China

Graham H. Roberts, Dr. Habilitatus, Associate Professor, Université Paris Nanterre, France

Yuniya Kawamura, PhD, Professor of Sociology, Social Sciences Department Fashion Institute of Technology/State University of NY, USA

Shelton Waldrep, PhD, Professor and Chair of English, University of Southern Maine, USA

Jane Kuenz, PhD, Professor and Associate Dean, University of Southern Maine, Portland, USA

Niharika Dinkar, PhD, Associate Professor, Art History and Visual Culture, Boise State University, USA

Jeremy Mynott, Dr. Habilitatus,  PhD (Cambridge), Emeritus Fellow, Wolfson College, Cambridge, UK

Thomas Kampe, Dr., Professor of Somatic Performance and Education, Bath Spa University, Uk

Amy Bryzgel, Dr., Full Professor and Personal Chair (Film and Visual Culture), University of Aberdeen: Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, UK

David Brown, PhD, Reader in the Sociology of Sport and Physical Culture, Cardiff School of Sport and Health Sciences, Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK

Michelle Keown, Dr., Professor, Chair in Pacific and Postcolonial Literature, Department of English Literature, School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures, University of Edinburgh, UK

Salomé Sola-Morales, Dr., Professor, Audiovisual Communication and Advertising Department, Seville University, Spain

Jaana Parviainen, Dr., Adjunct Professor (Docent), Senior Researcher, Faculty of Social Sciences (SOC), Tampere University, Finland

Shogo Tanaka, Ph.D., Professor, Center for Liberal Arts, Institute of Civilization Research, TOKAI University, Japan

Valeria Varea, Ph.D.,  School of Health Sciences, Division of Sport Science, Örebro University, Sweden

Kwasu David Tembo, PhD, University of Edinburgh, Independent Researcher, Zimbabwe