Morphology of Body and Corporality in Porn: Ideologization of Body, or How Bodies Started to Speak in Russian
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Russian porn
Russian language
porn as a structure
porn as a modern analogue of the “fairy tale”
body functions
political speech as a function of the body

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Kyrchanoff, M. (2020). Morphology of Body and Corporality in Porn: Ideologization of Body, or How Bodies Started to Speak in Russian. Corpus Mundi, 1(4), 70-94.


The author analyses the problems of changes in the representation of the body and the metamorphosis of corporeality in porn as a segment of the modern mass culture of the consumer society. The analysis of social mutations and cultural transformations of the body and corporeality in the porn discourse of pop culture is the main goal of the article. Methodologically, the author, on the one hand, uses the provisions of the comparative typological method proposed by Vladimir Propp. On the other hand, the text goes back to the structuralist concepts of Pjotr Bogatyrjov, proposed by him for the folklore comparative studies. Therefore, porn is defined and analysed as a form of folklore of the consumer society and mass culture. The author projects four features of the fairy tale, formulated by Vladimir Propp, into those cultural spaces where porn discourse dominates in the modern consumer society. The author analyses how “dumb” (or “silent”) corporeality in porn culture mutated and became “talking”. The author analyses the problems of combination and coexistence of corporeality and verbality in the modern Russian porn discourse. The author studies how the “body” in the porn segment of mass culture began to speak Russian, analysing why the political “message” of Russian “bodies” mutates inevitably into corporeality, returning to it constantly. The author also analyses the cultural contexts and the backgrounds of the body representativeness in modern Russian porn discourse. The author analyses interdependence of corporeality and political language, which the “body” uses in individual and collective contexts.
pdf (Русский)


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