What are Monsters in Computer Games?
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Game Studies Computer Game Representation Gameplay Monster Sublime Abject Antagonist

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Kirichenko, V. (2024). What are Monsters in Computer Games?. Corpus Mundi, 5(1), 105-117. https://doi.org/10.46539/cmj.v5i1.87


The current paper is a review of the monograph by Czech computer games researcher Jaroslav Švelch “Player vs. Monster. The Making and Breaking of Videogame Monstrosity” (2023). Švelch's work is dedicated to the figure of the monster in the gaming industry. The first chapter examines different theoretical approaches to the monstrosity. The second chapter touches on the classic gaming concept: “Player vs. Environment”. The third chapter analyzes “monster realism” as a special form of visuality. The fourth chapter of the monograph is devoted to new trends in game designers’ attitudes towards the monstrous: the manifestation of sympathy for monsters, the formlessness and incorporeality of monsters.

pdf (Русский)
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