Vol 3 No 1 (2022): The Palimpsestic Naked Body
The Palimpsestic Naked Body

The special issue is aimed at exploring a wide range of different topics including, but not limited to: the concepts of “nudity”, “nakedness”, the absence of clothing or that part of clothing that is considered obligatory among the mainstream part of society. Figuratively speaking the Naked Body is a narrative which meaning has been constantly changing. That’s why we called it ‘a palimpsest’. By the word 'palimpsestic', we are referring to the idea that the body should be viewed as a mutable space; that is, a space that can represent, carry, and express a variety of ideas and behaviours, all of which can be made subject to change (just as the palimpsest itself is a space upon which inscriptions and marks can be made, carried for a time, and then subsequently changed).

Editors: Kwasu D. Tembo & Olesya Yakushenkova

Full Issue

The Palimpsestic Naked Body

Kwasu D. Tembo
Being-in-Danger: Being, Precarity, and Potential – Theoretical Speculations on the Palimpsestic Naked Body
Abstract views: 350 | PDF Downloads: 93
Serguey N. Yakushenkov
When the Naked Body Speaks: Brazilian Theater in the Search of National Identity
Abstract views: 483 | PDF Downloads: 97
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Elena E. Zavyalova
Nudity and Half-Naked Body in the Work of A. S. Pushkin: Options, Values, Principles of Implementation
Abstract views: 2657 | PDF Downloads: 203
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Maksym W. Kyrchanoff
Naked Feminine Physicality as an Invented Tradition in South Asian Popular Culture
Abstract views: 424 | PDF Downloads: 124
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Olesya S. Yakushenkova
Terrifying Nudity: the Naked Truth of Horror Film
Abstract views: 1161 | PDF Downloads: 320
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Critics & Reviews

Elina A. Sarakaeva, Irena V. Lebedeva
Symbolism and Functions of Nakedness in Medieval Germany. Review of the Collective Monograph “‘And They Realized that They were Naked’. Nudity in the Middle Ages”
Abstract views: 219 | PDF Downloads: 79
Irena V. Lebedeva, Victoria A. Lubimova
Review of the Book “Veils, Nudity and Tattooes: The New Feminine Asthetics”
Abstract views: 176 | PDF Downloads: 84