2021. No 4: “I Recognize my Honey by the Walk”

Dear Colleagues,

In the year 2020, humanity suddenly faced a serious challenge that threatened its existence. It turned out that the modern world is not yet ready for serious biological challenges. Many people had to reconsider their views on their existence, their ways of survival, and a lot of other things. Many countries have moved to an isolated existence, closing themselves off from others. In some places, foreigners found themselves in a terrible position of pariahs, being perceived as a biological threat. And since this menace has not gone away, and since in addition to the biological danger it has created many psychological and cultural dysfunctions in society, our journal Corpus Mundi has decided to refer to an old problem rooted in the fear of the unknown – the problem of zombies.

That’s why the e-journal Corpus Mundi is planning to publish a special issue in 2021, tentatively titled I Recognize my Honey by the Walk.

This issue will be devoted to a whole range of very different problems related to the concepts we conventionally denote as “zombies”.

  • Zombies in Historical Flashback:

- history of the origins of the zombie notion;

- representations of Zombies as a reaction to an encounter with the Alien;

- ethnic (national) models of ideas about zombies;

- genesis of ideas about zombies;

  • The image of a zombie in fiction;

  • The specifics of zombie images in cinematography;

  • Zombie apocalypse: new symbols of modernity (the influence of the pandemic on the changes in the discourse on zombies);

  • Zombies and us: the dynamics of the relationship;

  • Zombies and Aliens;

  • Zombification (bodily practices of zombie image imitation);

  • Zombies and mass culture;

  • Zombies and Zombification as Metaphors for Manipulative Practices of Modern Society;

  • Living Body-Dead Mind: Anthropological Boundaries of Personality.

  • Digitalization of Zombies (Digitalization of Zombies).

  • Ethics and Zombies. Is it acceptable to beat a zombie with a stick?

  • Coughing zombies” – do zombies get Covid disease?

Deadline for abstracts – the 1st of July 2021

Deadline for articles – the 1st October 2021.

Submissions are made through the journal website – https://corpusmundi.com/

If you have any questions, please contact the editorial board at corpusmundijournal@gmail.com