Mythological. Anthropological. Bodily. Review of A.M. Lobok's Book “The Anthropology of Myth”
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Myth the Anthropology of Myth A. M. Lobok Mythosemantic Field Mythological Bodily Sexuality General Theory of Myth Philosophical Anthropology Culture

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Rezvushkina, S. (2023). Mythological. Anthropological. Bodily. Review of A.M. Lobok’s Book “The Anthropology of Myth”. Corpus Mundi, 4(1), 89-109.


This paper reviews A.M. Lobok's monograph, The Anthropology of Myth. It was published in 1997 in Ekaterinburg by the publishing house Bank of Cultural Information, but is still little known in the scientific community and belongs to the philosophical underground. This has necessitated the creation of a review work to present The Anthropology of Myth to a wider readership. Despite an almost quarter-century gap between the year of publication and the present, the reviewed monograph is one of the most interdisciplinary to date and may be of interest to researchers specialising in mythology, general myth theory, philosophical anthropology, cultural philosophy, physical anthropology, pedagogy and body studies.
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