Author Guidelines

Our site is moderated automatically. Consequently, articles uploaded to our site are first controlled by an automated system, and then routed to our editorial staff. Any non-compliance with our outlined standards will prevent uploading your work, even if it otherwise meets all academic article requirements. Therefore, we ask that you comply with all the requirements we have outlined in order to promptly publish your submitted article in our e-journal.

We accept articles from 30 thousand symbols.


We accept articles only in English or Russian, ranging in length from 30 thousand symbols.  Any author desires publication of his/her research must provide the following documents via the online form on the website:

1. Author’s biographical information– in docx, rtf or odt document which contains in English the author/s’ full name, position, place of work, work address and personal e-mail; Please download one of the templates:


2. Text of the article (without Information about the author)in docx, rtf or odt document. Please download one of the templates:


which shall include:

a) Article title – font Times New Roman, size-14. The title of the paper should fully reflect the problem presented in the article.

b) Article abstract from 150 to 250 words maximum; font Times New Roman, size-12;

c) Keywords – up to a maximum of 10;

d) Article text in full formatted as follows: equal width; paragraph-1.5 cm; font-Times New Roman; font size-14. The text of the article should be divided into semantic parts: IMRAD (Introduction, methods, results, and discussion)

e) References in the text within round brackets to include the surname, year of publication and the page of the quotation (Smith, 2009, p. 250);

f) If the name of the scientist quoted by the author is found in the text, there is no need to reiterate it in brackets (2009, p. 250). Or: Johnson (2005) wrote…

g) References must be organized according to APA standards, which are available for perusal on the APA Website: Or:

The above requirements for publication in our e-journal were derived from the general international standards set for scientific work published on the internet. If you have questions regarding submitting an article and your ability to meet these standards, please let us know via a brief e-mail to our editorial team before submitting your article in full.

Keywords: up to 10 terms.